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 What can your child do to help prepare a recipe?

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PostSubject: What can your child do to help prepare a recipe?   Wed Dec 05, 2007 3:29 pm

23-year-olds can
Wash and scrub fruits and vegetables
Name and count foods
Break bread into pieces

34-year-olds can
Shape foods
Mix dry ingredients together
Pour pre-measured liquids into batter

45-year-olds can
Break eggs into a bowl
Help measure ingredients
Open packages
Pour cereal
Set the table
Wipe up after cooking
Mash soft fruits and vegetables
Press cookie cutters into dough or soft food
Sort and classify foods

6 years old and up can
Beat recipe ingredients with a whisk
Help locate ingredients in a spice rack or pantry
Help in the family meal planning
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What can your child do to help prepare a recipe?
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